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I need to talk to a person about an visa application status. All the phone numbers I find on the internet are either businesses or when I do find a real number for the government I can’t talk to a real person. Can you even talk to USCIS or immigration? This is about a K1 finace visa cancellation. What is the phone number I can call to get information and talk to a real person so I can get my questions answered?

The New U.S. Citizenship Test: Reading and Writing Requirements

A frequently asked question is are you required to write anything on the U.S. Citizenship exam? YES, you are! This is an important part of the exam that can cause you to fail if you are not prepared.

As a teacher of citizenship classes I have seen many students who speak English well but have no reading and writing skills. What can they do? They can take English classes for a couple of years to build up their reading and writing skills, but most people don’t want to wait that long. What else can they do? They can go to the USCIS website where there are 2 lists of vocabulary words: one for reading and one for writing. The problem is that they are in no order so you don’t know the exact sentences they will ask you to read.

Here is the best advice for passing this part of the U.S. Citizenship test: Get a good study guide that has taken these vocabulary words and developed all the possible sentences, then you can study these sentences over and over until you are prepared.

On your interview, the USCIS officer will hand you a written sentence, unusually in the form of a question:

Example: Please read this sentence to me: “What was the first capital of the United States?” You read it and hand it back to the USCIS officer.

They will then read you a sentence, usually the answer to the question you read: Example: The USCIS interviewer hands you paper and a pen and says, Now write this sentence: “New York City was the first capital of the United States”.

What if you get it wrong? Don’t worry, you get 3 chances to write the sentence correctly.

For all the reading and writing sentences the best study guide I have found is http://citizenshipcd.com it has all the sentences in the book and they are read two or three times on the accompanying CDs. This is a great study guide.

Good luck to you!!!!!

Richard Rash has over 10 years of expierence teaching citizenship classes to people immigrating to the US from all over the world. He has taken his years of expierence and created a method for passing the US citizenship test that any one of any age and any English speaking ability can use to pass their interview on the first try, In this video he offers some tips to help people in the process of applying for US Citizenship.

Citizenship Test Tips

citizenshiptesttips.com Info you need to for the Citizenship Test How to answer questions about the N-400 , Oath of Allegiance and all 100 questions. This Citizenship Test Study Guide has everything you need to pass your test.