My 3 years old child already have dual citizenship(British/Filipino) . Now we’re residing in California based on my marriage. Is my child can claim a US citizenship someday if she continue living here in USA or base on my status (Children derivative)? If the answer is “no” Please explain it carefully.

Note: Please don’t answer if you can’t answer it right.
Tezacoatl, que cuida si mi niño es ciudadano del mundo. Por lo menos 1000x mejoran que los inmigrantes ilegales 12millions. ¿Eres un mexicano? ¿entonces si eres. .you son apenas tan celosos porque no puedes hacer para mejorar?
I ask about this matter cause i don’t want to create a problem for her someday.
I have many friends who have children with Dual US citizen and Derivative children. Isn’t true US didn’t recognized Dual citizenship.
i mean dual citizenship (Philam) Philippines/American.

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