I turned in my application recently and I realized after the fact that I made a big mistake in one of the questions.

I accidentally said “NO” to the question, “Have you ever registered to vote in any federalm state, or local elections in the United States.”

A little before submitting the application, I was approached by a campus recruiter at my school. He told me to register to vote. I told him I was not a citizen but that I was working on it. He told me it was no big deal, all I had to do was note vote if I was not a citizen by the time I applied.
Stupidly, I believed him, only to recently discover that it was a lie.
I contacted the L.A. County registrar and submitted a letter requesting to cancel my registration.

My questions are
1) Have I done enough to fix this?
2) Can I correct this error and clear it up after submitting the N-400?
3) Or will I get the chance to explain myself during the citizenship interview?

Thank you.
I didnt vote, I registered to vote.
I did type up a letter explaining why I registered to vote.
And I have a copy of the letter I submitted to the County Registrar.
Would this suffice for the interview?

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