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How do I become a U.S. citizen?

As a teacher of citizenship classes these are just a few of the questions I hear everyday. I know that if my students have so many worries and questions about becoming a citizen then there must be people from all over the country, maybe even all over the world with similar questions. Where do you go to get or give answers to these questions?

That is the purpose of my blog, -to share information and answers in order to pave a smooth path for you to U.S. citizenship.

So relax, watch, read, share, visit often, learn, and laugh as together we find our way through the maze of questions and information towards clarity and the answers we seek.

Good luck to you on your journey to U.S. citizenship. Get Your Study Guide Here!

Can you help me on Citizenship test?

I have fail test 3 time now. I love USA but have bad memory.

They tell me I miss these questions. Can you help me know why?
1. Why civil war? I say because all tea thrown off ship in Boston
2. Who is Jones Wilk Booth? I say man who invent pay road.
3. What is gettingsberg address? Where beard president (Lincoln?) live in the New York city.
4. What is constitution? Law which help man (and sometimes woman) be happy.
5. What is Bill Rights? Man who fly first airplane

There more questions… but these are those I know I got wrong. Can you help?

Is the US Citizenship test multiple choice??

My citizenship application was denied a few months ago, and my green card still has two more years before expiration. Can I still renew my green card before it expires? In other words, can I continue to legally stay in the U.S.A. as a permanent resident without being able to be accepted as a citizen?

are these the real questions on the test this year? also, it’s multiple choice right? (not talking about the oral and listening parts)

just wondering since a friend of mines is practicing for the test


What is an average processing time for “Petition for Alien Relative” application I-130?
I will be filing for my father, mother and sister. I know my sister will have to wait at least 10 years, but my parents? Also, would my parents be eligible for any benefits in US (they’re 70 years old).

Thank you.

alright iv heard different answers to this so any help is appriciated

1. iv heard i cant i need sum form of green card to join…

2. that if i get a visa i can join up enlisted and serve for a number of years in order to earn a green card…

some more info bout me…
iv got an aunt who married a US citizen and is living in NJ so if that helps i dont know ?

im 19 from ireland just finnished all my education here and will do anything to get to america also im not just tryin to join the marines just to get a green card i love the marine core so it would be a dream come true…
i couldnt say for sur if she is a citizend but i know she has been living over there for around 15 years if that helps …..

and is there any other way of getting in i heard royal marines and canadian troops are able to sign up ??? even if i had to join one of them to for a service to get into tha marines i would……so as you can see ill do all i can so any other advice guys

How do I obtain documents back from USCIS?

I was filling for my husband and the paperwork said to send a ” a copy of your birth certificate, issued by a civil registrar, vital statistics office, or other civil authority.” So i thought that meant like an original copy with the seal and everything so I sent it just to be safe. But that was the only official certified copy that I had. I’m thinking of ordering a new one, but can I also get back my original copy from the USCIS and where do I contact them? Its difficult because I live in California and I was born in New York.


Hi, I am a conditional PR holder(green card) and the permanent residency is in process but its late. However, I am told that I can apply for a citizenship even though the PR is late and its supposed to have been processed already. So do i apply for a U.S citizenship 3 years after date of marriage or 3 years after getting my greencard? we have been married for more than 4.5 yrs now but we didn’t apply for greencard until a year later.
Also what would happen if a divorce occured during the processing of the citizenship.

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